As they begin fundraising for the seed round of investment, ALT Liquor Co, owners of Foxes Bow Whiskey, announced the appointment of Patrick O’Driscoll to it’s board as Non Executive Director, playing an active role in the development and scaling of Foxes Bow Whiskey into new export markets.

Patrick O’Driscoll is the former President and CEO of Corby Spirit and Wine Ltd., an affiliate of Pernod Ricard and a Canadian public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. O’Driscoll is a veteran of the wine and spirits industry, with a career that stretches over 35 years.  During that time, he worked for two of the industry’s largest global players, Pernod Ricard SA, where he spent 27 years, and International Distillers and Vintners (Diageo) for 6 years. He developed his early career in the fields of marketing and international brand development while the last fourteen years have been spent as a CEO.

O’Driscoll’s experience spans a range of international markets, working directly in the UK, USA and Canada and building famous scotch whisky brands, including Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet, in Europe, Asia and Latin America. 

During his tenure as CEO at Corby Spirit and Wine, O’Driscoll concurrently served as President of Hiram Walker and Sons Ltd., North America’s largest distillery. He has led several successful M&A projects including the purchase of the Ungava Spirits Company and The Foreign Affair Winery as well as disposals of non-core assets. O’Driscoll also served as the Chair of Spirits Canada, the Canadian spirits trade association, for six years allowing him to be extremely well versed in trade and governmental issues pertaining to his industry. Prior to this, Patrick was the President and Global CEO for Malibu & Kahlua.


Like most great stories, this one starts in a bar. In early 2019, while living in San Francisco, co-founder Tony visited a well-stocked whiskey bar and noticed that most Irish Whiskey brands were quite traditional in nature, with few options that represented modern, contemporary Ireland. Inspired by the incredible wave of creativity coming out of Limerick city over the last couple of years, Tony thought this should surely extend to whiskey. And so, he went about putting in motion an idea to remedy that.

Tony was joined by Limerick native Alice Carroll on the project; a spirits brand development specialist, formerly of Pernod Ricard. Certainly not your stereotypical whiskey founders, the two share an immense pride in their city and an eagerness to share that with the world. They have been working alongside some curious and boundary breaking whiskey experts to bring Foxes Bow Whiskey to life ever since, tasked with developing something completely different and contemporary for the new generation of whiskey drinkers. You can read more about the founders here.


Following a very successful domestic launch in the Irish market in November 2021, the team behind Foxes Bow are now initiating conversations with external investors as they set their eyes on expansion into the export markets, aiming to raise €750,000 in this round of fundraising. Interested parties can contact tony@altliquorco.com.


Foxes Bow Whiskey is a blended Irish whiskey, finished in rye casks – a highly novel finish in Irish whiskey. This finish makes for a layered, yet well balanced whiskey. Usually favoured by American and Canadian Whiskies, the inclusion of rye casks in the whiskey’s finish lends a floral bouquet to the whiskey’s nose, while providing an interesting lingering spice to the palette. Beginning with a burst of fruity sherry flavours, followed by a wave of spice and perfectly finished with a lingering velvety vanilla sweetness.

That all sounds fancy, but this is an accessible, unfussy, quality whiskey inspired by an unfussy, quality place.

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