Meet the founders

Not your stereotypical whiskey makers

Our founders have two things they have in common... their love of whiskey, and the desire to share the vibrant, modern Ireland they know and love with the world.


Alice spent nearly a decade spreading the good word of Limerick to anyone who’d listen in North America and Europe, stealing secrets from working with some of the top Irish Whiskey and Scotch brands. She’s now back in Ireland stalking creatives full time to collaborate with Foxes Bow Whiskey!


Tony is living proof that not all accountants are boring. A sneaker fanatic who recently returned to his home in Limerick full time after several years working in San Francisco with X, The Moonshot Factory (Google), Tony firmly believes where there’s a will, there’s a way. That’s why you’ll find ‘YURT!’ on every bottle of Foxes Bow Whiskey!

They worked closely with experts in the field of whiskey making to make sure the whiskey tastes as delicious as they had always dreamed!