Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Foxes Bow Whiskey and Aoife Cawley’s epic collaboration

March 14, 2023

Are you tired of the paddy-whackery associated with St. Patrick’s Day?

Foxes Bow Whiskey and Irish artist Aoife Cawley certainly are, which is why they’ve joined forces to celebrate the modern, creative, and vibrant Ireland this St. Patrick’s Day with the launch of a limited edition, bespoke Foxes Bow scarf. Read on to learn more about the collaboration and find out how to get your hands on the limited edition bundle.

Tell me more about the bundle!

The Foxes Bow x Aoife Cawley limited edition bundle includes a 70cl bottle of Foxes Bow Whiskey, Release 1, as well as the bespoke St. Patrick’s Day scarf, designed by Aoife Cawley and inspired by Celtic symbols and Catholic iconography. The bold, vibrant colours on the scarf draw attention to the stories of the past while putting them in a modern context, making it the perfect accessory to celebrate the Ireland of today.

Alice Carroll, co-founder of Foxes Bow, speaks of the collaboration, saying, “We always want to collaborate with like-minded creatives, and when I saw Aoife’s art, I was immediately drawn to it. The way she draws inspiration from the past and puts it in a modern context so closely aligns with the story we created Foxes Bow to tell. We are so excited to collaborate with Aoife this St. Patrick’s Day.”

Where can I get one, before they’re gone?

This limited edition bundle is available exclusively on irishmalts.com for €47. But with a very limited number of bundles available, you’ll want to act fast to secure yours.

This St. Patrick’s Day, say goodbye to diddly-eye and celebrate the modern, creative, and vibrant Ireland with Foxes Bow Whiskey and Aoife Cawley. Get yours today and rock neon this St. Patrick’s Day!

About Aoife Cawley

Aoife Cawley is a printmaker and textiles based artist from Kildare, Ireland.

Aoife’s work is centred around stories and people from mythological, biblical and historical contexts. She draws inspiration from Celtic art as well as Catholic iconography. These stories are commemorated through the mediums of embroidered textiles and printmaking. The work typically features bold, bright colours to draw attention to the stories, but also to take the past and put it into a modern context.

Check Aoife’s work out here, and give her a follow on IG here.

About Foxes Bow Whiskey, Release 1

Foxes Bow Whiskey, Release 1 is a classic, straight up blended Irish whiskey that recently won Gold for ‘best blended whiskey – no age statement’ in the Irish Whiskey Awards which shows it’s a top pick amongst the whiskey enthusiasts and experts, too.

Aged in Bourbon barrels and finished in Oloroso and Rye casks – a highly novel mix of finishes in Irish whiskey, making for a layered, yet well balanced whiskey. Usually favoured by American and Canadian Whiskies, the inclusion of rye casks in the whiskey’s finish lends a floral bouquet to the whiskey’s nose, while providing an interesting lingering spice to the palette.

Beginning with a burst of fruity sherry flavours, followed by a wave of spice and perfectly finished with a lingering velvety vanilla sweetness. Release 1 has no added colouring and is non chill filtered. That all sounds fancy, but this is an unfussy quality whiskey inspired by an unfussy quality place. This is the first release from the Alt Liquor Co. But it certainly won’t be the last..

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